Car Registration API - India

An API for car number plate lookups

20 data fields

Get the Make, Model, VIN number, Engine size and 20 other data fields from an Indian number plate

XML and JSON interface

Do you use .NET / PHP or Javascript? Easily integrate into our SOAP based XML API. Download our Documentation.

Flexible pricing

1.38 Indian Rupee (USD $0.02) per lookup, with discounts on larger purchases.


Our API is a .NET ASMX webservice, that allows you connect from any programming environment, either .NET (C#, Visual Basic .NET), or through any programming language that supports SOAP (PHP nuSoap, Python, Ruby, Java etc.). Register for free and we will set you up with a test account, where you can make 10 vehicle lookups for free. If you require higher volume of lookups, then our fee is 1.38 Indian Rupee (USD $0.02) per lookup, purchased in blocks of a minimum of 1,000, a 10% discount is available for packages over 10,000. Credits bought in India cannot be used in other countries.

We offer an API that will return car details of any vehicle registered with the National Register e-Services of Registered Vehicles (Vahan), which covers almost 200 million cars in India.

Download our documentation as a PDF here

One API, Many countries

Our unique selling point is that our API works seamlessly in most countries across europe, and now we also support Australia. This means that if your business expands worldwide, you don't need to change your IT systems


If you'd like to get a feel for what information we provide, and you're not a developer yourself, then why not download one of our consumer apps, available for iOS and Android

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Take a look at our app preview video on YouTube


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Data is requested in real time from official government data sources (Vahan), so the information you see is real-time and not cached, or stored

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